Saturday, April 21, 2012

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Beyonce Knowles

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Like an elite athlete, an artist is hard wired to reach a goal and then, having achieved it, to raise the bar even higher, always pushing to perform at top capacity, crafting a personal best.
Beyoncé knows this. She's blessed with a relentless spirit that fuels her. "Everything that I do creatively has to make me work harder and hopefully steer me in a direction I've never been before, " she explains
beyonce knowlesThere have been rumors abuzz that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are holding a huge birthday party for their daughter Suri who turns two on April 18. New report brought up by said that Beyonce Knowles will be made a performer at the party.


Sunday, January 6, 2008

Marriage- Wedding ceremony

It seems the love is going to culminate in a marriage affair. Beyonce and Jay-Z are deeply in love and the two are planning to get married shortly. he couple are already engaged and after fiance Jay-Z said Yes to the marriage proposal, Bride To be Beyonce Knowles is busy planning an intimate New York wedding. It appears the couple have been engaged since June 2006. That is a pretty long time pf courtship. Throughout this period, it seems the rapper star was a bit reluctant to say Yes without going into many intricacies. Recently American tabloid Globe has said that Jay-Z had a change of heart during a recent romantic trip to Paris with the sexy singer - and has instructed her to start looking into venues. A source says, "There was a time when Beyonce wanted an enormous fairy-tale wedding, but now she's a masterminding a smaller party in New York. "At the moment, she considering either The Carlyle or Peninsula Hotel."